Balade en famille au Pays ThionvilloisBalade en famille au Pays Thionvillois
©Balade en famille au Pays Thionvillois|Irina Murza - Unsplash
Top 6 activities

Go on an adventure with children

Territory of adventures, the Pays Thionvillois and its surroundings is teeming with addresses for young and old alike. The Pays Thionvillois Tourisme team shares its top 6 ideal activities for any family outing. Tested and approved !

Pretend to be a knight

Escape games, treasure hunts, dedicated activities and events, the castles of the Pays Thionvillois and its surroundings bend over backwards to offer a fun and memorable experience to your raoudis.

Take up the challenges at Domaine Irrésixtible du Château Saint-Sixte with the barefoot path and the giant corn maze. Investigate the mystery tree and go hunting for footprints in the fields and woods surrounding the Château de Preisch. Immerse yourself in the history of the Château de Malbrouck thanks to its virtual reality journey and discover the universe of Réné Goschini, this year’s exhibition. Prove that you are a knight worthy of the name by managing to get the sword out of the rock stuck in the Château des Ducs de Lorraine. A real theater of children’s dreams!

Explore Thionville with Randoland

Come and explore Thionville by following the clues left by Inspector Rando for an unexpected family outing! No more outings where children drag their feet! Equipped with his Randoland cards, it is your child who gives rhythm to the walk, he becomes an explorer guide while you rediscover your child’s soul.

The circuit sheets are designed as a treasure hunt for children aged 4 to 12. Throughout the course, guided by the location map, you all together answer the riddles and games while discovering the historical anecdotes of Thionville.
To solve the initial puzzles, the clues are to be collected throughout the walk. They encourage young and old to raise their eyes to the often overlooked curiosities of the city and sharpen their sense of observation and deduction. Discovering tourist sites becomes child’s play!

The Randoland circuit sheets are available from Pays Thionvillois Tourisme.

Breathe the fresh air

What could be better than enjoying the great outdoors while having fun? At the Jardin des Prairiales, you are likely to meet amazing residents. Be careful not to get bitten! In Montenach, the Maison de la nature offers nature workshops throughout the year explaining the richness and fragility of our ecosystem. On the sunny slopes of the adjacent nature reserve grow 23 species of orchids and as many butterflies to discover. In Rodemack, we stop for a snack in the pretty medieval garden before setting off to attack the citadel.

Nature offers itself to you!

Learn to ride a bike on the Blue Lane

On mum or dad’s bike seat, on a scooter, beginners on four wheels or experienced on two wheels, the La Voie Bleue cycle route offers an ideal playground and discovery ground for our raoudis. A stroll along the water’s edge, towards Luxembourg or Metz, where you can meet wonderful people.

We pedal while saying hello to the swans, who bathe in the Moselle, or to the donkeys of the wastewater treatment plant, we make a detour to visit the tourist sites on our way and we stop for a snack or a picnic. at Parc Napoléon or at the Nautic’Ham leisure centre.

Become a miller for a day

More than a visit, it is almost a role-playing game. The discovery of the Moulin de Buding has been completely thought out to transform your children into real little millers. Let’s go for an immersion in the heart of the mill! We decipher the gears of the big paddle wheel, we become familiar with the daily life of the old craftsmen, we learn the important role of the river and we leave with our little pot of flour or rapeseed oil, made during a workshop.

Offering its setting to the Buding Oil Mill, the Parc de la Canner is also full of great opportunities for walks or bike rides and lends itself easily to nature discovery activities. A playground is also available.

Iron, what a story!

What is the kitten? What techniques make it possible to transform the ore into everyday objects? Who are the Iron Men? At the U4 Blast Furnace Park, little explorers are invited to follow Ukid, the site’s mascot, on a treasure hunt. He will guide them throughout their visit. Events, such as the Fêtes de l’U4, the Science Village, etc., complete the program.

Just putting on a helmet to plunge into the iron mine of Neufchef is likely to seduce the most refractory of children. The route proposed by the guide is very entertaining and especially well suited to children who can, like adults, take part in certain reconstructions of stages in the work of minors.