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Office du Toutourisme®

Four-legged visitors welcome
At Pays Thionvillois, we pamper our faithful companions!

A planned getaway to the Pays Thionvillois and your dog is already panting to accompany you. Our team has a doggy welcome in store! In this guide, we share our best addresses for airing the nose and stretching the paws. Drop in at the Tourist Office to pick up your welcome pack, essential for starting your vacation. The opportunity for your pooch to freshen up his moustache in our toutou bar and get his fill of petting!

What is Toutourisme®?

Today, there are 18 million dog owners in France, and 62.5% choose to go on vacation with them. Yet getting around and traveling with your pet often remains a real headache. That’s why in 2017, the Troyes Tourist Office created the label Toutourisme. A concept that personalizes and enhances the welcome and information for pet owners in a destination.

Pays Thionvillois Tourisme is delighted to join this club and thus inform you about all the possibilities our territory has to offer for a serene stay. The Toutourisme network in France is the assurance of a VIP welcome for you and your4-legged friend!

Ask for your welcome pack

A dogged guide

What could be better than being able to share your adventures with your pet? At the Pays Thionvillois, we’re keen to personalize the welcome for all our visitors, including our faithful companions. So the team has prepared an indispensable practical guide to have in your luggage! Addresses, a list of accommodation and restaurants accepting dogs, activities to enjoy together, useful numbers, etc. Everything’s been listed, so all you have to do is enjoy it with your paw pads fanning!

In this pack, you’ll find:
– your Toutourisme guide
– cleanliness bags
– treats for doggie’s greatest joy*
– a magazine offered by our partner 30 Millions d’amis*

*(while stocks last)