Fête de l'eau - Basse-HamFête de l'eau - Basse-Ham
©Fête de l'eau - Basse-Ham|STEPHANE THEVENIN
Along the water

at Nautic'Ham

The fine weather is here again! With my husband and his nephews, we set off on our bikes along the Voie Bleue. After a few kilometres, our tummies start to rumble. Time for a picnic stop and it’s just at the right time since we’re arriving in Basse-Ham. In the Pays Thionvillois, we don’t have the sea, the beach and the coconut trees, but we do have Nautic’Ham!

The visits added extras

The proximity of the Voie Bleue

Enjoy a wide range of sports and watersport activities for the whole family

Observe and photograph the local wildlife


A leisure base in a verdant natural haven. We pass many families, walkers and cyclists who have had the same idea as us on this sunny Sunday.

Great, I see the new wine bar is open! It serves Moselle wines and local beers for the older ones, and soft drinks for the little ones. The daily specials and cheese and cold meat platters will fill you up. I particularly enjoy this type of menu which gives pride of place to local food distribution networks and local produce.



After this well-deserved rest, it’s time for us to enjoy the activities on offer at the leisure base. I know two people who can’t wait to get into the water. Here, watersport enthusiasts are able to enjoy themselves to the full.

There is no swimming allowed, but there is a multitude of fun experiences such as sailing lessons, paddle boarding or the chance to hire a boat without a licence.

For those who don’t want to risk getting wet, they can now hone their skills on the driving range at the Thionville RD golf course. Beginners and experienced players rub shoulders on an approved 9-hole course.



Once our two teenagers have finally decided to try rowing, we opt for a romantic trip on the water. We head for the marina to pick up our electric boat. Voices in English, German and Dutch surround us. At the port, there are boats of all sizes and sailors of all nationalities.

Let’s go! I’m the captain today! I switch on the engine and start the manoeuvres. A magnificent pastoral interlude along the Moselle awaits us. We spend time observing the surrounding fauna and flora and enjoying the peace and quiet. After two hours, it’s time to dock.



On the way home, we meet Lisa and Maarten, a retired couple from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. They arrived just a week ago with a caravan and are staying at the neighbouring Camping du Port.

For them, Nautic’Ham is a must. A prime location at the gateway to Luxembourg and Germany, it is easy for them to organise their visits and tour the Pays Thionvillois. Keen cyclists, they’ve naturally taken their bikes with them. The prospect of a ride of twenty kilometres or more is not a problem for them. They have muscles! Therefore, the proximity of the Voie Bleue cycle route was a real bonus for them when choosing their destination.


We bid each other farewell and leave Lisa and Maarten at their pitch. They immediately start to prepare their aperitif, a fun moment among campers. As for us, it’s time to get back on our bikes and make one last push to get home. The day flew by and everyone had a great time.


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Since I’m lucky enough to live in the area, I’ll definitely be returning to Nautic’Ham very soon with the whole family to enjoy the summer activities. I’ve already spotted a few interesting activities on the programme. I’m sure this one will also have caught our children’s eye. See you this summer?