Réserve naturelle de MontenachRéserve naturelle de Montenach
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Top 7 of the most beautiful walks

in Pays Thionvillois

The Pays Thionvillois Tourism team presents its selection of the most beautiful excursions in the Pays Thionvillois and its surroundings. Tested and approved!


Whether you are campers, sailors, hikers or cyclists, the Nautic’Ham leisure base is a must. A multitude of activities are on offer! Young visitors can learn how to sail while more athletic visitors have fun on jet skis. And what could be better than a short boat ride at sunset to round off the day. For relaxing and unwinding, the setting and the tranquillity of the site will allow you to recharge your batteries in complete peace of mind. Everything has been done to ensure that you feel at home!


Winemakers’ houses will start to appear along your path. Small or large wine estates recall the history of this emblematic district of Thionville. The oldest one, in dazzling Jaumont stone, dates from the 16th century and sits alongside its younger 21st century neighbours with a more geometrical architecture. At the summit, the grand finale! Sheltered by the ancient press the view starts to clear and offers a stunning panorama over the Moselle valley.


From the car park on the banks of the Moselle, this circuit offers an easy half-day family walk.
The route offers two options. We recommend opting for the path that passes among the lakes. And why not stop off for a picnic.
You will be able to devote the rest of your day to discovering the Château de la Grange which lies on the route.
But before you reach it, stop for a look at the old Saint-François brewery which dates back to 1722.



Your legs will be working hard but your eyes will only have to admire! The Voie Bleue offers a 700 km cycling route along the waterside from Luxembourg to Lyon. An itinerary for the inquisitive, gourmets and all those who enjoy the good life and interesting encounters. Everything you need to know can be found on the dedicated website: accommodation, restaurants, bicycle rental and repair firms, unmissable sites, as well as suggestions for outings over several days for the more adventurous.


Offering a natural haven at the Buding Oil Mill , La Canner Park offers a host of possibilities for walks or bicycle rides and is perfect for nature activities. Frogs of all sorts, toads, heron, great spotted woodpeckers, chaffinches, blackbirds and more have taken over the site. When the weather is fine, delicate dragonflies also enjoy this protected environment for their stunning acrobatic displays. In the autumn, the site sports magnificent colours and it is possible to see certain birds on their way to more clement climates. When the winter comes and it snows it becomes a wonderful playground for whoever wants to follow the tracks left by small animals.


A dazzling sun to dress nature in its most beautiful finery. A site, the geological nature reserve of Hettange-Grande. Following the song of the larks and the swallows, your happy group sets off along the discovery trail. From daisies to poppies, not forgetting the Artemesia poppy and cornflowers, it is the perfect walk for admiring this exceptional biodiversity. The area also serves as a refuge for protected and rare species of birds, reptiles, bats and insects. You might even find fossils there in the 200 million old rocks.



On the French-German border, in the village of Launstroff stand some strange twisted sculptures. With geometric shapes, often built in several pieces, they recall traditional Celtic standing stones but are proud to proclaim their differences. Pyramids or stylised faces, smooth or rough, sculpted or not, the itinerary offers a collection of works, each of which is more original than the last. Depending on the season, the surrounding fields will accompany you with their vivid seasonal colours.