Château de la Grange - Jardin des PrairialesChâteau de la Grange - Jardin des Prairiales
©Château de la Grange - Jardin des Prairiales|STEPHANE THEVENIN

Meadow Flower Garden

A moment out of time, not quite in the countryside but far from the noise of the nearby city. The long path lined with trees leads us to Château de la Grange. We arrive in the gravel courtyard. Be careful of your shoes! Avoid heels and opt for trainers. Today, there is no castle, we are here for the garden.



Created with the support of Europe and the Departmental Council of Moselle, it is a member of the cross-border network “Gardens without limits”. The Jardin des Prairiales takes its name from the large areas of meadow sown with flowers from all countries. The beds planted with box and tall grasses invite you to immerse yourself in this vegetation. Many of the plants selected belong to the wild flora of Lorraine. Therefore, thistles sit next to lilies, the lawns cohabit with grasses planted with daisies and umbellifer, little-known plants rub shoulders with more familiar ones. The garden has one of the most complete collections of box in Europe.




When spring comes, the box, lilies and meadow flowers greet you with a smile. The season is starting. Before you, giraffes and deer created in greenery decorate the lawns and surprise visitors. Benches invite you to settle down and savour the silence of the site. Further away, a relatively modern greenhouse welcomes young plants.

Close your eyes and let the sun warm your face. Small birds sing and you can smell the delicious fragrances of nature. And yet you are not all that far from Thionville!



In addition to Rebelle the cat, Gina the dog, Donna the tortoise and their cow, duck, swan friends, there are some amusing encounters to be had on the estate. For example, you might find yourself nose-to-nose with a giraffe, a rhinoceros or a crocodile. Rest assured, you are in Manom and not in the middle of the savannah. These specimens will not eat you at the first opportunity. Although, that said…!

As you enjoy following the hiking trails that pass through the estate, you may be lucky enough to meet Monsieur Moustache, a most unusual tree.

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