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Castle de La Grange

jewel of the territory

From the early Middle Ages to the end of the 17th century, La Grange was the subject of many marriages and inheritances in various Luxembourg families without ever being sold. It is the direct descendants of the Marquis of Fouquet who are still the owners of La Grange today.

The house holds many treasures, from the original furniture to the listed tapestries, including paintings by grand masters exhibited in the exceptional rooms.



The first known reference to the monument mentions a fortress. The first lord of La Grange, Wilhelm zu Scheuern, lived there in 1106. Little remains of this building, but you can still wander through the authentic medieval kitchen. The present-day building from the 18th century was built on the foundations of this fortress.



Who has never dreamed of walking in the footsteps of 18th century heroes? At La Grange Castle, you can follow the young Louise Reine, the castle’s heroine. Her blue room, her red room. The marble stairs down which she ran. How many times did she hide behind the heavy drapes?

But her favourite room is the library. These blood red walls, its thousands of perfectly aligned books. This monumental fireplace where the family insignias take pride of place. In the distance, she hears the delicate sound of the harp ringing out from the blue room. The delicious aromas from the kitchen tease her nose. People are busy there. She used to love seeing the large cooking pots in the enormous fireplace.



Far from being a museum, above all it is a family home which is still inhabited. A place which has kept its soul, inseparable from the people who have lived there and where each object has a rich history.

In the blue room, in its wooden frame, immortalised by the brush of the official painter of Queen Marie-Antoinette, Marie Louise Reine de Fouquet, the Marquis of Fouquet watches over the visitors with a kind eye. She is the one who marks the start of this family saga.

Along the way, other portraits of men and women watch us pass by. They must all have a story to tell! Do they come alive at night to discuss the day’s gossip? All have helped to forge the history of the estate.



2009 marked the inauguration of the Jardin des Prairiales, designed by Frank Neu, part of the “Gardens without limits” network. One piece of advice, keep a lookout during your walk there. You may encounter some strange animals.

Walk in the middle of nature



The 7th art has also taken over the site. The rooms with their period furniture, the library, the bedrooms, the kitchen, everything is in its original state. That explains why this place provides a sought-after setting for shooting movies. Demi Moore, Emmanuelle Béart, Jonathan Rhys- Meyers and more recently Elle Fanning have appeared here.

Nowadays, the estate opens its doors to the corporate world. Thanks to the recent renovation of the lounges, the castle provides a haven for seminars, training sessions, work meetings or any other professional event.

The rental package is à la carte with a reception capacity of up to 100 people. Valérie, extremely versatile when it comes to organisation, is in charge of sorting out all the details. If you are looking for an original and unusual setting, please contact her!