Parapente - Paramoteur - Mosailes ZoufftgenParapente - Paramoteur - Mosailes Zoufftgen
©Parapente - Paramoteur - Mosailes Zoufftgen| Julien Frantz

Fly over the Pays Thionvillois

“I believe I can flyyyyyy! I believe I can touch the skyyyy! After all, some French actors sing this song when they collect an award, so why not us!

After taking almost a year to make up my mind (my gift voucher had almost expired despite having a year to use it), it was time take the plunge and fly! Fly where, how? With a paraglider or paramotor and the help of MosAiles!

Elodie - Equipe Pays Thionvillois TourismeElodie - Equipe Pays Thionvillois Tourisme
©Elodie - Equipe Pays Thionvillois Tourisme

An expert on the area shares her experience of a paramotor flight with Mosailes.


The rendezvous is in Zoufftgen where all those preparing to fly gather around Michel. Let me quickly introduce Michel because he’s our pilot so it’s best to know a little about him. He’s really nice, very funny and, above all, very professional. Let’s not forget that we’re about to fly, our lives depend on him.

To start with, there is a short briefing on the weather conditions and the flight’s technical details. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough wind today for paragliding, so paramotor it is. Once the introductions have been made and the information distributed, it’s time to set off. To reach the site, we drive along a dusty rocky road. Don’t bother washing your car before your flight, you’ll only have to do it again.



After hearing the first person’s cries, it’s my turn for the adventure. Once in the basket wearing a helmet and a belt, we take-off from the ground. A slight acceleration, the sail unfurls and off we go! We start with a few small low turns near the others for a quick photo session. Then it’s time to get serious and slowly gain altitude.

By chance, Michel catches an air pocket and tells me how paragliding works. You can feel the difference immediately and it’s almost as if you’re a puppet entirely reliant on the atmosphere. It’s impossible to explain the feeling – it’s best that you try it for yourself! Another experience, Michel tells me how to take-off with a paraglider, again with the help of a slight breeze which drives the paramotor! Just to be clear since, above I said there wasn’t enough wind and now I’m talking about air pockets. If the wind is not constant, a paragliding flight only lasts 100 seconds. I’ll let you do the maths but it isn’t very long. It means you can catch air, but to really enjoy it you need an engine.



Once the explanations are over, Michel suggests we gain altitude. If there’s a new experience to try, I’m always up for it, so we climb 700 metres to take advantage of the clear view. In the distance, we can see Mont-Saint-Quentin in Metz and the Amnéville ski slope. He tells me that paragliders love flying in our region because of the clear and extremely varied views. Towns and countryside mingle over just a few kilometres.


The flight was coming to an end, but I had said that I wanted to enjoy a thrilling sensation and was not against some acrobatics. To round off the experience, we start to descend like a spinning top in the sky (if you don’t believe me, I have the video)! And let me tell you, we were in a completely different space and our bodies depended entirely on the air and the sail, which is fortunately very strong. After three turns to the right and left, you are starting to wonder if you’re about to be ejected out of your seat and hurtle into the void, but instead you float peacefully back to earth. All that remains is for you to return home, your head filled with the memories of this wonderful experience.


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