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Cultural place

With its rounded shapes and immaculate white, Puzzle invites you to travel and daydream. Seen from the sky, its quirky shape looks like a piece of a puzzle! Its rich and varied collections of books, CDs and DVDs allow you to escape and discover unsuspected universes. Designed as a living space complementary to home and work, Puzzle offers exhibitions and events for young and old all year round. From the top of its terrace, a breathtaking view of Thionville awaits you. What if we pushed the doors of this magical place together?

The pieces of the puzzle

to appropriate you

The building, which extends over 4519 m2, is distinguished by its innovative and contemporary architecture. The interior, bathed in diffused light, offers a fluid circulation in the heart of an assembly of nooks and crannies. As in a game, the public circulates there and constitutes their personal mental map. He appropriates the site in his own way in order to make it his own and compose his own territory of imagination.

The media library

The media library is an integral part of Puzzle, with its 2500 square meters, it is deployed in 4 universes and a press area in the forum. Spaces for meetings and relaxation alternate with work spaces such as the Chalet, the Cortex and a carrel for individual work, the Labo.

And to relax, don’t miss the Cave, a place where films and videos are shown during highlights and entertainment.

Creative studios

a space where we learn by creating

In the all-digital era, Puzzle wishes to give everyone access to new technologies by providing users with a creative and interactive space dedicated to all their projects through experimentation, learning and discovery. digital: The studios.

Edit your vacation films, launch your podcast, make your video clip…
There is no small project! Whether you are a beginner, amateur, experienced, professional, walk through the door of the studios, take a seat and let our trainer guide you.

Exhibition halls

The different exhibition areas, each with their own particularities, are surprising. The Black Room, the White Room, the Bulle Forum, the Cave… so many spaces to discover, which are transformed according to the themes and exhibitions.