Cinema La Scala - ThionvilleCinema La Scala - Thionville
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Which program for this weekend? And if go to the movie theater? Close to the heart of the historic town, the La Scala cinema will amaze you! Eclectic art and essay programming, come and dazzle your eyes and ears. With its comfortable armchairs you will have the impression of being in your living room, without taking the risk of disturbing the neighbors by soaking up the action!

Market place

80 years of cinema

Since March 12, 1932, the Place du Marché has been the meeting place for Thionville moviegoers. The La Scala cinema breathed the past, good old 35mm films and first kisses. Well, in terms of comfort, accessibility and safety standards, it wasn’t really that… The City of Thionville has therefore decided to offer a new setting for La Scala, within the walls of the former Le Paris cinema, boulevard Foch, at two steps from the municipal theater and the cultural third place Puzzle.

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La Scala events

La scala cinema projects films 7/7 days according to the specifications of art house cinema with the obligation in particular to program all films in their original version.

The cinema team also organizes a monthly event for children with the ciné-taste and promotion of genre cinema with the Nuits Bis, cinephile evenings and with the RDV de Justine.