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Thionville for all

Tours of Thionville are led by a Pays Thionvillois Tourisme guide who will share the history of Thionville with you in his or her own way.

Pierre, Pietro, Jean-Luc, Yvette, Rémi, and Elodie ensure you a friendly and cultural moment. Each one has his or her own story, special word, and unique style!

Duration of the visit
1 hour
On demand
From 5
per person*
max 10 pers.


The Tour aux Puces waits patiently for its turn. It has taken pride of place in this courtyard for 800 years. How beautiful it was in those days, so young and colourful! Nowadays, a few imperfections bear witness to its history. The stones are not quite so smooth. The colour has faded. It is worried about the tickling of your hesitant hands, your nimble fingers. It grows excited at the sound of your loud voices outside its door. It knows that it is the only one, along with its little Carolingian treasure, that can be touched. Its colleagues are envious. It is the star of the show


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