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Veal involtinis with white ham and Comté cheese

Meal time!

The Chefs of the Pays Thionvillois region invite you to step behind the stove and share some of their top recipes with you. Bruno welcomes you to Les Moulins Bleus restaurant and invites you to tread the red carpet.  He shows you one of his recipes, a Mediterranean dish that you can enjoy on his menu.


Step by step


●     4 veal cutlets
●     Veal stock powder
●     4 thin slices cooked ham
●     150 ml crème fraiche
●     4 slices of bacon
●     Flour
●     4 slices Comté cheese
●     Olive oil
●     Butter
●     2 shallots
●     Salt
●     Pepper


For your involtinis:

1/ Flatten the veal cutlets and season with salt and pepper.

2/ Cover each cutlet with a slice of cooked ham, bacon and Comté cheese.

3/ Fold the 4 cutlets in half. A useful tip to help you keep them folded is to use small wooden toothpicks to hold them in place. Sprinkle the cutlets with flour.

4/ In a frying pan, melt a knob of butter with a dash of olive oil.

5/ Brown the involitini on each side over a high heat, lower the heat and leave to cook for a few minutes.

For the sauce:

6/ In a frying pan, sweat the finely chopped shallots in a knob of butter with a dash of olive oil. Add the chopped mushrooms.

7/ Deglaze with white wine. Moisten with the seasoned stock. Stir and simmer for about ten minutes.

8/ Add the crème fraiche.

9/ Lay your Involtinis in the sauce and cook for about ten minutes.


You can serve them with pappardelle. These are pasta very similar to large fettuccine.


The Chef