Recette - Soufflé glacé à la mirabelleRecette - Soufflé glacé à la mirabelle
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Mirabelle plum soufflé

Meal time!

The Chefs of the Pays Thionvillois region invite you to step behind the stove and share some of their top recipes with you. For this dessert recipe, it is Didier from the BW restaurant who is at the stove. He wants to make our mouths water by working with the typical fruit of Lorraine, our very own yellow gold, the mirabelle plum!


Step by step


For about 15 soufflés:

●     80g sugar
●     50g butter
●     125g egg yolks
●     500g egg whites
●     250g whipped cream
●     50g Grand Marnier
●     Honey from the Rucher de Mylau
●     Mirabelle plums


1/ Pour the sugar and water into a saucepan and bring to the boil.
2/ Whisk the egg yolks until they are frothy.
3/ Add the hot syrup you prepared earlier and whisk until completely cool.
4/ In a separate bowl, stiffen the egg whites.
5/ Also in a separate bowl, whip the cream.
6/ Assemble the 3 preparations with Grand Marnier alcohol.
7/ Pour into small ramekins and freeze for 24 hours.
8/ Serve in a soup dish and decorate.


You can serve them as they are or add mirabelle plums fried in chestnut honey from the Rucher de Mylau.


The Chef and the Producer