Visite guidée Thionville à cloche piedVisite guidée Thionville à cloche pied
©Visite guidée Thionville à cloche pied|STEPHANE THEVENIN
Guided tour

Thionville on one leg

Durée de l'activté
1.30 hour
En extérieur
par enfant*

When movement helps your judgement. All your senses are on the alert with this completely offbeat and intuitive adventure. Elodie transports you into her colourful, sweet, poetic and sensational world!

Archery in the middle of the city, a dance in the middle of the park, hugging trees to recharge your batteries… Have you ever imagined doing all this while enjoying a historical adventure?

It is now possible and we highly recommend it for a novel experience and the chance to learn while having fun. Hush! We won’t say another word otherwise it won’t be a surprise!

Depending on the age of the children, the content is adapted by academic cycle.


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