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Ideas for stays and weekends

Envie de vous laisser guider lors d’une journée ou d’un séjour découverte du Pays Thionvillois ? Avec nos idées de séjours, vous retrouverez un guide passionné qui vous fera découvrir toute la journée durant les endroits incontournables du territoire. Thionville et le Pays Thionvillois n’auront plus aucun secret pour vous !

Find your stay

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Choose the type of stay you want, we take care of the rest. You can book a day or a discovery stay at the Tourist Office via the form at the bottom of this page, make a phone call, send us an email or come directly on site, we will be delighted to welcome you.

Guided tours

of tourist attractions

Guided tour of the Tour aux Puces museum

DURATION: 1h30 outdoors • PRICE: €6.50 per person
Package 115€ if less than 15 people

La Tour aux Puces patiently awaits you. 800 years that she sits majestically. How beautiful she was in those days, young and colorful! From now on, some imperfections bear witness to its history. The stones are no longer so smooth. The color has faded. Museum, it hides treasures! The archeology and history of the Pays Thionvillois will have no more secrets for you. Latest arrival, a beautiful Apollo, which will make more than one blush! Prehistoric men, Celts, Merovingians await you and take you on a journey through their daily lives.

Saint-Maximin in three stages

DURATION: 1h30 outdoors • PRICE: €6.50 per person
Package 115€ if less than 15 people

A visit in three stages is completely different from a visit in one stage. We get attached to a character and hop it already gives way to another. The Saint-Maximin church in three stages is musical, artisanal and banal. This is the story of a monument, its organist and its restorer. This is the story of three fascinating enthusiasts, each in their own way. The Saint-Maximin church in three stages is to discover its perspective, its shape, its strength, its colors, its inhabitants of glass, wood and marble in a different way. The three-step Saint-Maximin church surprises and relaxes.


FROM €40

To book a stay, leave us your details by clicking on the button below. We will then contact you to organize your visit. As far as possible, you can give us two or even three possible dates, in order to best meet your request.

The price includesThe price does not include
The guided tours and activities describedTransport and services by coach
LunchSpending money and extras
Dinner-drinks includedTourist tax
1 night with breakfast included.Snack available as an option