Rando du Schluck - Vin de MoselleRando du Schluck - Vin de Moselle
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from fathers to daughters

The passion for wine

In the Pays Thionvillois, the secrets of wine farming are passed down from father to daughter. This is a wine region which has come back into fashion in recent decades. The vines that grow on the sunny slopes of the main valleys, protected from the cold and wind, mainly produce white AOC Moselle wines but also reds and rosés. Discover our dedicated families of Moselle winemakers.


The Domaine du Stromberg, created under the impetus of Jean-Marie Leisen, is managed in association with Thierry Caboz and Bernard Petit. The tasks are divided up between them, with Thierry and Bernard working on the vines and Jean-Marie in charge of the winery, vinification and clientele.

Sarah joined this joyous group nine years ago. She supports her father on the wine estate but also at the Distillerie Leisen, a second well-known address for this family business in Petite-Hettange. Whether it is brandies, whiskies, ciders or wines, the same saying always applies. “The older it is, the better it will be. “


In under half a century three generations of “Sontag” have run the family estate in Contz-les-Bains. It is Claude who oversees the 5 hectares of Auxerrois, Muller-Thurgau, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir vines. His Pinot Gris deserves a special mention, a wine which immediately bewitches you by the intensity of its nose with hints of dried fruit.

He has been joined by Mélanie, his daughter, determined to inject a new dynamic into this family business. Great teamwork at the Sontags! She is on the ground, among the vines, and he is in the winery, at the press. And the grandfather, the 80-year old Gérard, is never very far away and is always happy to give out advice and recount his stories.

It is the family that receives


In 1996, it was one of the smallest estates in Moselle planted with 25 ares of old Muller Thurgau vines. A complete beginner and entirely self-taught, Jean Paul Paquet, with the constant help of his sidekick Gilles Didon, a trainee vineyard worker, has turned it into one of the most awaited vineyards. His success came with the very first vintage (1996).

Now helped by his daughter Emmanuelle, they are devoted to respecting nature. They insist on the production of clean wines and responsible farming methods and treatments. Therefore, it is not unusual to encounter butterflies and bees at the estate and to smell the fragrances of wild chives and onions.