Château de la Grange - Salon rougeChâteau de la Grange - Salon rouge
©Château de la Grange - Salon rouge|STEPHANE THEVENIN

In the footsteps of Reinette

Enter La Grange Castle, built in the early 18th century. It is a jewel among Lorraine’s seigneurial estates. Whether you are a history buff or simply interested in new discoveries, join Louise on a tour of this magnificent residence.

Louise - Equipe Pays Thionvillois TourismeLouise - Equipe Pays Thionvillois Tourisme
©Louise - Equipe Pays Thionvillois Tourisme

An expert on the area, she tested this visit with her family especially for you.


Experience a moment out of time

We love the guide’s stories about the castle’s former occupants.

Discover the local history


Just 3 km from the pedestrianised city centre of Thionville, we enter the castle’s grounds via the majestic driveway lined with magnificent lime trees. We are already starting to feel a little like Marie-Antoinette! We manage to keep a cool head and enter the old orangery, now the reception area. Tickets are purchased and we embark on our journey spanning three centuries via the garden at the rear.



More than a hundred varieties of boxwood from all over the world grow here. You might think that an 18th century castle is bound to have a formal garden, but think again. La Grange has innovated with a contemporary creation. The modern greenhouse contrasts with the castle’s old stones. The Jardin des Prairiales is an ode to organised clutter: walk along the wide strip of closely-cut grass, or among the meadows which are partially wild and partially tended. Another option is the forest separating the estate from the main road, which acts as a great sound barrier.



In front of us is the impressive residence built in 1715 on the ruins of a medieval castle. Our guide welcomes us with a big smile and starts telling us the history of La Grange and its inhabitants before inviting us to enter through the service door and make our way down to the medieval kitchen.


The tour continues two floors higher up with the Queen’s apartments. The rooms still have the original furniture, the dining room is spectacular and you can’t help but imagine yourself at a banquet, the library smells of wood smoke, and the spacious blue room has a painting of Louise-Reine de Fouquet, our famous Reinette.


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The guide, who is so friendly and tells us so many stories, ensuring that we spent a moment out of time. This place is steeped in the history of its past inhabitants. They are the ones who make this house and tour so interesting. Young and old alike will come away from this journey through time with stars in their eyes. In short, the Château de La Grange and its Jardin des Prairiales are a must in the Pays Thionvillois which we highly recommend!