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Top water activitiesin Basse-Ham

Aquatic adventure at Nautic’Ham

The summer season is back! In the Pays Thionvillois, we may not have the sea, the beach and the coconut palms, but we do have Nautic’Ham! Whether you’re a leisure or a sports enthusiast, Nautic’Ham invites you to join in its aquatic adventure.

Getting in the water

The latest addition to the Basse-Ham nautical leisure center is Hamelys, the new community aquatic center!

The complex offers two 250 m² pools, one for sporty swimming and the other for more leisurely use, including a balneo zone. For the more adventurous, there are slides, a pentaglide and play lagoons. There are even facilities for toddlers right next door.

Cocooners will be delighted with a hammam, sauna and spa. As an added bonus, an outdoor Nordic pool is open to swimmers from April to October.

Thrills and spills

This summer, the whole family is invited to Crazy Splash. What’s it all about? It’s a 2000m2 inflatable water course! Dive, jump, climb, swim and repeat ad infinitum. Your raoudis won’t want to leave!

Being pulled along the water at 30km/h, surfing a 700-meter-long course. We’re already dreaming of experiencing these unique sliding sensations. Moselle Wake Park makes it happen with the arrival of its water ski lift.

Take to the water

Today, we’re opting for a romantic trip along the water. We head for the marina to pick up our electric boat from La Flottille.
And off we go! Captain for the day! A bucolic interlude to the rhythm of the Moselle. We take the time to observe the surrounding flora and fauna, and enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s already time to dock. Next time, we’ll give Pedal’Eau a try.

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Feet in the water

At Basse-Ham, water sports enthusiasts are in for a real treat. Not swimming, but a multitude of fun experiences such as sailing lessons and paddle boarding.

For our weekend outing, we’re letting the men muscle up on therowing machine, while the girls take part in a stand-up paddle session. Laughter and spills guaranteed! As time goes by, we manage to stand up on our board, and we’re very proud of ourselves.

The sailing club also offers a range of rental boats (dinghies, caravels, windsurfers, etc.) to suit all sailing enthusiasts.

At the heart of Atlantis

Heave ho! Atlantis Parc is set up at the Nautic’Ham leisure park all summer long. With its cool water, rides and games of all kinds, our little pirates can have fun and resist the heat!

Aqua zone, inflatable games with unlimited access, trampolines, duck fishing, children aged 1 to 13 are immersed in a funfair atmosphere just a stone’s throw from the Moselle. Get ready to get wet, sea robbers!

After the effort, the comfort!

Because activities take their toll, the water sports leisure center has added two new establishments. The restaurant and bar, La Paillotte, welcomes you all summer long in a lively atmosphere. Concerts, blind-tests and karaoke punctuate the program.

At the water‘s edge, a snack bar satisfies our hunger and sweet tooth. Viennoiseries and bread in the morning, aperitif board and bruschettas in the evening. We’re in for a treat!

Feeling peckish?