Porte Saarelouis - ThionvillePorte Saarelouis - Thionville
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Take the Voie Bleue

On your bikes! From Thionville towards Metz or Luxembourg along the Moselle River, enjoy an sporty outing in magnificent surroundings.

Elodie - Equipe Pays Thionvillois TourismeElodie - Equipe Pays Thionvillois Tourisme
©Elodie - Equipe Pays Thionvillois Tourisme

An expert on the area, she takes you on a ride along the Voie Bleue towards Metz. Let's go!



Our heads are filled with song as we ride along the Voie Bleue cycle route. Every day we set ourselves challenges, sometimes we manage to complete them quickly and sometimes we let them drag on. Cycling from Thionville to Metz was the challenge we set ourselves 3 years ago! And, better late than never, we’ve done it!

What’s more, the Voie Bleue cycle route helped make things so much easier for us. You just have to find the Moselle River and follow it. There are two possible directions, to the north towards Luxembourg and Germany via Sierck-les-Bains; to the south towards Metz via Uckange.



I chose Metz as the first stage. Departing from Thionville at 10.30 am, we arrived in Metz at 12.37 pm, namely a ride that took us 2 hours and 7 minutes. Once on the way, everyone manages to find their own pace. Mine was not the most athletic, let’s just say it was a sustained pace.

The route is very nice, with only pedestrians and cyclists all driven by their own challenges, and barges which progress following the rhythm of the locks. The only cars you see are those belonging to the fishermen who have set up their lines around the lakes, and only on a short section of the route. You feel completely safe.

In your backpack

The route does not have much shade so it’s important to bring helmets, caps, sunglasses, water and sun cream.


Once you arrive in Metz and the cycle route ends, you can easily follow the city’s cycle paths that take you where you want to go: the historic centre for tourists, the lake for those wanting to recharge their batteries, the station for those in a hurry.


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