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In the footsteps of the yellow faces

When you think about industry in Lorraine, you automatically think about the various mines to be found in the region. The Neufchef mine has been part of the Moselle landscape for almost two centuries and bears witness to the different eras and changes which the region of Lorraine has undergone.

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An expert on the area has tested a unique tour for you in the galleries of the iron mines of Neufchef. Ready to travel back in time?


Each period of history has shaped this place and changed the way miners worked to extract the valuable iron ore. When you arrive at the Museum of Mining, the first thing that strikes you is the warm welcome you receive from the various guides working there. It is immediately clear that this is much more than a tourist site, above all it is a memorial and a poignant testimony to the working and living conditions of the Lorraine miners.



When you enter the museum, you have two choices: a guided tour or an audio-guide tour. The interest of the first is that you will be treated to a story by a former miner. After all, who better to talk about the Neufchef mine than the miners themselves?

Follow in the footsteps of these workers for a one-kilometre underground adventure lasting 1.5 hours. We put on warm clothes, some good waterproof shoes and set off to visit the mine! You can always ask for a warm jacket at reception before you start your visit. Since the route is underground it can be quite chilly (about 11 degrees). The team members will take care of you, especially if they think you may be slightly underdressed.



During this visit, you will discover the different tools used to work in the mine. Everything will be presented: from crowbars to diesel loaders and many other tools designed specifically for working in these very difficult conditions! The tour proposed by the guide is great fun and particularly well suited to children who are able to participate in reconstructions of the steps involved in the miners’ work, the same as adults can.

Don’t be afraid if you hear an explosion, the mine is not back in operation, it is just a reconstruction of how the miners used to work. Furthermore, if you volunteer for these fun activities, you will really get a feel for the working conditions in an iron ore mine.


In the museum area of this site, you can visit a viewing room and watch a short 8-minute film and combine all the information provided by the guides with archive images.

Finally, the museum area explains how certain metals are made. You will immediately be impressed by the large model of a blast furnace, a familiar industrial building in our Lorraine landscape, especially in the Fensch Valley. The last part of the museum is devoted to the miners’ lives with reconstructions of key sites.


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A fascinating visit with dedicated people! A visit to the Neufchef mine is a must if you want to learn more about the industrial past of the Fensch valley. You can enjoy it alone or in a group. You will learn a great deal and it is always fun!