Fêter son anniversaire au Pays Thionvillois - Anniversaire Enfant ThionvilleFêter son anniversaire au Pays Thionvillois - Anniversaire Enfant Thionville
©Fêter son anniversaire au Pays Thionvillois - Anniversaire Enfant Thionville|Nathan Dumlao - Unsplash

Celebrate your birthday

in Pays Thionvillois

Do you want to offer your child an exceptional birthday? Long no further, the Pays Thionvillois Tourism offers you the chance to enjoy an original and amusing adventure. Trainee detectives, trainee sorcerers, or trainee adventurers, your children will have to be brave to complete the questions in Thionville. In the town’s pedestrianised centre, their curiosity and motivation will help them discover the most astonishing historical enigmas! Are they ready to accept the challenge?! It’s for you to decide!

Duration of activity
4 hours
From 5 to 20 children
Room rental included

Option 1


Just like Sherlock Holmes needs Watson, Inspector Bonsens needs you! Use your reasoning, intuition and logic to help Bonsens in his search for the truth.

The mission is simple, lead the investigation and solve the mysteries surrounding Thionville. For this, armed with their investigators’ pen and notebook, the children will set out through the streets. Thanks to their observation skills and the clues given by our investigator or assistant, they will easily find all the answers!

They will hear who big Suzanne is, why the Tour aux Puces takes this name (and no it isn’t because it houses fleas). They will learn about the chamberpots (and where they were emptied) and all about the famous wooden horse.

From 8 years

Option 2


A hive and a bee gathering nectar. A glove and its coat-of-arms. Three valiant greyhounds. A beer-drinking monk. Saint Nicholas. They are all hiding in the streets of Thionville. How to find them? Just open your eyes wide and let yourself be guided. With each step, children will discover the smallest details on the facades and make their way around Thionville keeping their eyes peeled allowing them to see the town in a different light.

From 6 years

Option 3


When movement helps your judgement. All your senses will be on the alert with this completely offbeat and intuitive adventure. Elodie transports you into her colourful, sweet, poetic and sensational world! On one leg, with a bow and arrow, blindfolded, discover the town through its streets and stories.

From 6 years

Option 4


Abracadabra! Tirlibibi, Tirlubaba! What if a few magical ingredients gave your children special powers! The power to decide the rules and find prince charming?! This is what our mysterious witch Suzie is offering. For one hour, your delightful little ones will mix the most absurd ingredients to create an exceptional beverage! But watch out, a witch doesn’t offer up all her secrets and she loves to break the rules which means that you may find yourself turned into a nasty toad! Who is prepared to take the risk?

From 6 years


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125 € 

Price valid until 31/12/22 for a group of 5 to 20 children maximum.

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