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In 2024, tourism rhymes with Olympism

Sport is in the spotlight this year, culminating in the passage of the Flame through our region. To mark the occasion, the experts at Pays Thionvillois Tourisme intend to prove to you that culture and sport can go hand in hand.

The origin of the Sacred Flame

France has been waiting a century for the Olympic Games to return to its shores, and Moselle has been hoping for the light of the Olympic flame to shine through it for 76 years. Zoom in on the origins of one of sport’s greatest symbols.

The Olympic flame is without doubt one of the most famous symbols associated with the Olympic Games. But do you know the origins of this tradition?

Tracé passage de la flamme à Yutz le 27 juin 2024
Tracé passage de la flamme à Yutz le 27 juin 2024
Tracé passage de la flamme à Yutz le 27 juin 2024

Passage of the Flame

It’s a historic event that we’ll be privileged to witness! The route of the Relais de la Fl amme will criss-cross the Moselle on June 27, 2024, with a stopover in Yutz – Thionville.

Details of the route, the wide-ranging program of events designed for the day and the names of the torchbearers have yet to be revealed. They will be revealed in a few weeks’ time. So please be patient…

Sports portraits

They are Mosellans by birth or by heart, and they make the Thionville region shine at the highest sporting level. In this Olympic year, we wanted to honor some of these personalities and share their passion with you. Let’s take a closer look at some almost ordinary champions with extraordinary backgrounds.

Théodon in search of the Flame

Our dear Théodon has been chosen to carry the sacred flame in a relay. Unfortunately, just before he set off on his journey, the flame suddenly went out. But what happened? Was it a dirty trick by the terrible Behemoth? It’s up to you toinvestigate!

Follow the clues, take up the challenges set by the athletes and win all the medals to try and find the sacred flame. The smooth running of the Games depends on it!

From June to September 2024, budding champions who succeed in solving the mystery of this disappearance will receive a delicious reward. Beware … Behemoth is hanging around … stay on your guard!!!

To unlock the final enigma, remember to complete your quest during Tourist Office opening hours.

Approx. 3 km route
Duration: 1h30 – 2h

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